CS504 Assignment Solution

Assignment No. 02

Semester: Fall 2020

Software Engineering-1 (CS504)


Total Marks: 20


Due Date: 15th Dec, 2020


Assignment No. 2 covers lecture-08 to lecture-16.



Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:

§  You should submit your assignment on or before the due date on VULMS.

§  Your assignment should be your own work in your own words. It should not be copied from Internet, handouts or books.

§  Your Assignment must be in Microsoft Word document (doc/docx). Assignment in other than Microsoft Word document will not be accepted.

§  Assignment sent via Email will not be accepted.

§  If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be awarded zero marks.


·         To improve the learning of students related to Logical System Models.

·         To have hands on experience of Object-Oriented Analysis.




For any query about the assignment, contact at CS504@vu.edu.pk


Total Questions: 02                                                                                                               Total Marks: 20


CBE (Computer Based Examination) Scheduler is a web-based application that eases the process of Exam scheduling. Students can choose any slot/ date / venue from the available ones as per their own convenience and availability.


Some of the functional requirements are:


·         Students online enrolment (as a candidate), and approval by Admin staff.

·         Interface for Administrative staff for entering the available resources (venues, no. of Labs, no. of seats etc.) in the system.

·         Automated Exam Planner for Administrative staff for planning (declaring no. of Exam days /sessions / centres / no. of seats) based on the no. of expected students (initially enrolled) and the available resources entered in the system.

·         Entry Test registration done by enrolled students online, choosing their desired Centre /day / session.

·         Schedule once confirmed by Students will be locked, and can be edited by Admin only.

·         Printing of Students’ Exam entrance slip.

·         Printing of attendance sheets (for Admin).




Question No. 1:                                                                                                                              (10)

You are required to draw the Level-0 Context Diagram for the above mentioned CBE Scheduler.


Question No. 2:                                                                                                                              (10)

You are required to draw an Object Model (Class Diagram) for the CBE Scheduler using UML notations:

You also need to specify (if any) the composition, inheritance, association and aggregation relationships in context of the given requirements.






·         You can use Microsoft Visio or any other drawing tool (implementing the UML notations used in the handouts) for depicting the required diagram(s).

·         The diagram should be posted in the MS Word file as an image, and the MS Word (.docx) file should be uploaded on VULMS.




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