Mon. Nov 8th, 2021
window 11 update AMD processor

Microsoft formally discharged the stable version of Windows eleven earlier in the week. As it’s common with new software package, there area unit many known problems within the initial build. On Tuesday, Microsoft extended a brand-new build that addressed a number of these problems. However, one among the lot of obtrusive bugs remains: poor performance on AMD Ryzen processors. And also the latest Windows update makes things even worse.

AMD Processor

As it stands, several AMD processors run slower on Windows eleven. Specifically, AMD processors area unit stricken by 2 problems: exaggerated L3 cache latency and also the “preferred core” not operating properly. Per AMD’s own investigation, performance impact may be as high as V-J Day in some games. Once AMD formally confirmed the performance issue last week, it is aforementioned the matter would be mounted in associate degree future Windows eleven update. Quite the contrary, the primary Windows eleven patch has more worsened the performance issue.

window 11 first update

According to TechPowerUp, the primary additive update has more reduced the performance of AMD processors. The publication ran some tests on a Ry zen seven 2700X “Pinnacle Ridge” processor, that shows that the L3 cache latency has nearly doubled once the patch. Before the patch, the latency was within the section of seventeen NS. however currently it’s jumped to thirty-one.9 is. For reference, the latency was around ten is on Windows ten.

Similarly, Has discovered similar behavior in their testing on a Ry zen five 5600G processor, recording a latency of forty is and ninety-six GB/s scan and write output. Compared, constant system had associate degree L3 latency of twelve.4 is and read/write output up to 378 GB/s on Windows ten.

AMD says patches for the performance problems area unit prepared and can be extended within the returning days. The L3 cache latency fix can arrive via the Windows Update channel on October nineteen. Meanwhile, the patch for the popular Cores (UEFI-CPPC2) are going to be discharged by AMD on October twenty-one.

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