Mon. Nov 8th, 2021

Just past hour, 3 Chinese astronauts raised off on the Shenzhou-13 artificial satellite. Doubtless, this can be a serious step for the country’s young program. And that we ought to say that it’s quickly changing into one among the world’s most advanced. At present, the 3 astronauts of Shenzhen thirteen have completed the piercing and entered the Trance artificial satellite core module. So that they are the second batch of astronauts to enter the Chinese artificial satellite. To celebrate the successful launch of the Shenzhen thirteen manned artificial satellite, geographic region these days launched associate region ceremony suit for the Tencent Red Magic 6S professional diversion phone.


The packaging box of the region ceremony suit is meant with silver and white colors. The Red Magic brand and “REDMAGIC” optical device texts are on the front. Plus, there’s additionally the Tencent Red Magic 6S professional diversion phone’s shining white color version. In the box, besides the phone itself, there’s the Red Magic dual-core cooling back clip region version likewise because the white version of the 120W Gan charger.

The Red Magic 6S professional within the gift box is according to the regular version. The front carries a vi.8-inch 165Hz ultra-competitive screen, and therefore the multi-finger bit rate is upgraded to 720Hz.

At constant time, it’s the primary time that the machine uses the Magic GPU one.0 of show Black Technology. It’s been tested by the Red Magic Lab: the frame rate stability has been exaggerated by hour, the seventh-generation screen fingerprint and therefore the recognition response speed are abundant quicker, and it supports pulse detection.

KEY options OF RED MAGIC 6S professional

As for the key options, the Tencent Red Magic 6S professional diversion phone’s region version sports the Qualcomm flower 888 and flagship processor. however, such a strong phone additionally wants nice cooling. That the phone comes with the fresh upgraded ICE seven.0 nine-layer multi-dimensional cooling system. The integral fan speed is up to twenty,000 rpm. The system adopts aerospace-grade phase transition heat-dissipating material n-21H44 (C21H44). The latter will management the temperature rise steady, and bid farewell to the down-frequency inarticulate.

The integral battery contains a 4500mAh capability and supports the industry’s quickest 120W charging. Because of the latter, its battery will reach 100 percent of power in seventeen minutes. At constant time, it adopts associate all-pole-ear battery cell style + charging separation technology. This will effectively management the temperature rise.

In addition, the proper aspect of the phone hosts dual-touch shoulder buttons for simple operation.

There is still no info regarding its value, except for reference, the 12 GB+128 GB version is 4399 yuan ($).

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