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The good news for iPhone users from Twitter is that they can now share live Instagram stories directly instead of taking screenshots from Twitter.

The Twitter administration wrote in a tweet in this regard, “Please stop posting screenshots of Instagram Store’s retweets, iPhone users can now share tweets live.”

iPhone users using Twitter can share tweets to Instagram stores with just one click, following the instructions below.

After selecting a shared tweet, tap or click on the share icon.

Then click/tap on the Instagram Stories icon which will take the user directly to the Instagram app’s story creating mode with a snapshot of the aforementioned tweet.

The Twitter administration has also given the user the option to add music, stickers, text, and other things to the quote.

The story will appear in the user’s profile along with other stories after it is posted. But it will be the same as the screenshot.

The option to share Instagram stories and tweets is limited to public tweets that, like other stories, can be shared by individuals or all followers, but protected tweets cannot be shared.

It is likely that this feature will soon be available for Android users as well.

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