Important announcement regarding shopping on Instagram

Facebook, the most popular social networking app, has announced a major shopping feature on its proprietary company Instagram.

In a recent blog post written by the company, it was announced that Facebook is planning to add visual search for shopping on Instagram.

With the help of visual search, users will be able to find related items using augmented reality on Instagram.

In a blog post, Facebook says the company is investing in augmented and artificial intelligence, which will be the basis for our online shopping in the future.

According to the technical report, with the help of this new tool, shoppers will be able to find new items for shopping while augmented reality will help the buyer to imagine these items before shopping.
Shopping on Instagram starts with visual discovery, the user scrolls through the app and uses thumb-stopping after being impressed with a product.

However, now Instagram will test the visual search feature by the end of the year using artificial intelligence, using this feature users will be able to experience other products similar to one product on the platform, for example, a garment. Consumers who wish to see floral prints will not only be able to experience the floral prints of the dress once they say these things but will also be able to take a picture with their camera during a visual search.

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